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Accounts & Spreads / Margin Requirements

Margin Requirements

Currency Pair Symbol Margin Requirement
Euro vs US Dollar EUR/USD 1000 * EURUSD rate
British Pound vs US Dollar GBP/USD 1000 * GBPUSD rate
US Dollar vs Japanese Yen USD/JPY 1000 USD
US Dollar vs Swiss Franc USD/CHF 5000 USD*
Australian Dollar vs US Dollar AUD/USD 1000 * AUDUSD rate
US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar USD/CAD 1000 USD
New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar NZD/USD 1000 * NZDUSD rate
Euro vs British Pound EUR/GBP 1000 * EURUSD rate
British Pound vs Japanese Yen GBP/JPY 1000 * GBPUSD rate
Euro vs Japanese Yen EUR/JPY 1000 * EURUSD rate
British Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBP/NZD 1000 * GBPUSD rate
British Pound vs Australian Dollar GBP/AUD 1000 * GBPUSD rate
British Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBP/CAD 1000 * GBPUSD rate
British Pound vs Swiss Franc GBP/CHF 5000 * GBPUSD rate*
Euro vs Australian Dollar EUR/AUD 1000 * EURUSD rate
Euro vs Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD 1000 * EURCAD rate
Euro vs Swiss Franc EUR/CHF 5000 * EURUSD rate*
Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD 1000 * EURUSD rate
Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUD/CAD 1000 * AUDUSD rate
Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc AUD/CHF 5000 * AUDUSD rate*
Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen AUD/JPY 1000 * AUDUSD rate
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD 1000 * AUDUSD rate
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen NZD/JPY 1000 * NZDUSD rate
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen CAD/JPY 1000 / USDCAD rate
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc CAD/CHF 5000 / USDCAD rate*
Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen CHF/JPY 5000 / USDCHF rate*
US Dollar vs Polish Zloty USD/PLN 1000 USD
Euro vs Polish Zloty EUR/PLN 1000 * EURUSD rate
Euro vs Norwegian Krone EUR/NOK 1000 * EURUSD rate
US Dollar vs Norwegian Krone USD/NOK 1000 USD
Euro vs Swedish Krona EUR/SEK 1000 * EURUSD rate
Dollar vs Swedish Krona USD/SEK 1000 USD
  • Margin Requirement in USD based on 1:100 Leverage per 1 Standard Lot
  • * Due to the discontinuation of the CHF minimum exchange rate announced by the SNB on 15.01.2015, margin requirements on all CHF pairs will be calculated based on leverage 1:20, until further notice
Pair Symbol Margin Requirement
Gold vs US Dollar XAUUSD Lot * Contract Size *Price * 2%
Silver vs US Dollar XAGUSD Lot * Contract Size * Price * 2%
Calculation Example:

Opening 1 lot of XAUUSD at market price 1287.00 =
1 * 100 * 1287.00 * 2% = 2,574 USD

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