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Spreads & Swaps

Get advantage of the most competitive spreads

Spreads are a major factor in choosing a broker and for this reason Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) is committed to providing the most competitive spreads in our Mini and Standard accounts. As a results, Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets)' traders not only receive a more beneficial trading experience but also the cost of their transactions cost is kept low.

Take a look at the table below which shows spreads for all currency pairs available for trading in Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets).

Mini Standard
Symbol Spread Symbol Spread
AUDUSDmini from 1.6 AUDUSD-fx from 1.5
EURUSDmini from 1.3 EURUSD-fx from 1.3
GBPUSDmini from 2 GBPUSD-fx from 1.3
NZDUSDmini from 2.2 NZDUSD-fx from 2
USDCADmini from 1.5 USDCAD-fx from 1.7
USDCHFmini from 1.5 USDCHF-fx from 1.3
USDJPYmini from 1.8 USDJPY-fx from 1.6
AUDCADmini from 1.9 AUDCAD-fx from 1.7
AUDCHFmini from 2.4 AUDCHF-fx from 1.9
AUDJPYmini from 2 AUDJPY-fx from 1.9
AUDNZDmini from 2 AUDNZD-fx from 1.8
CADCHFmini from 6.8 CADCHF-fx from 2.6
CADJPYmini from 3.74 CADJPY-fx from 1.9
CHFJPYmini from 2.1 CHFJPY-fx from 1.9
EURAUDmini from 1.7 EURAUD-fx from 1.7
EURCADmini from 1.9 EURCAD-fx from 1.7
EURCHFmini from 2.2 EURCHF-fx from 1.9
EURGBPmini from 1.6 EURGBP-fx from 1.5
EURJPYmini from 1.9 EURJPY-fx from 1.7
EURNZDmini from 2 EURNZD-fx from 1.8
GBPAUDmini from 2.2 GBPAUD-fx from 2
GBPCADmini from 2.1 GBPCAD-fx from 2
GBPCHFmini from 2.1 GBPCHF-fx from 2
GBPJPYmini from 2.1 GBPJPY-fx from 1.7
GBPNZDmini from 2.1 GBPNZD-fx from 1.9
NZDJPYmini from 2.1 NZDJPY-fx from 1.9
EURNOKmini from 20 EURNOK-fx from 16
EURPLNmini from 15 EURPLN-fx from 11
EURSEKmini from 44 EURSEK-fx from 32
USDNOKmini from 18 USDNOK-fx from 16
USDPLNmini from 14 USDPLN-fx from 12
USDSEKmini from 14 USDSEK-fx from 12
NZDCADmini from 3 NZDCAD-fx from 6
NZDCHFmini from 8 NZDCHF-fx from 6
USDILSmini from 14 USDILS-fx from 10
USDDKKmini from 15 USDDKK-fx from 12
EURTRYmini from 11 EURTRY-fx from 11
USDTRYmini from 13 USDTRY-fx from 11
NOKSEKmini from 18 NOKSEK-fx from 16
USDHKDmini from 15 USDHKD-fx from 12
USDMXNmini from 26 USDMXN-fx from 22
USDSGDmini from 10 USDSGD-fx from 6
USDCNHmini from 100 USDCNH-fx from 50
USDZARmini from 15 USDZAR-fx from 15
Goldmini from 100 cents Gold from 80 cents
Silvermini from 5.1 cents Silver from 4.9 cents
Description Symbol Floating Spread Contract Size Commission per lot traded (round trip) Margin Requirements
Index CFDs
CAC 40 Index $CAC40. from 6.4 1 Eur/ Point 6 USD 2%
Nasdaq Composite 100 Index $COMPQ. from 7 1 USD/ Point 6 USD 2%
DAX Performance 30 Index $DAX. from 6.4 1 Eur/ Point 6 USD 2%
Europe 50 Index $ESTX50. from 6.4 1 Eur/ Point 6 USD 5%
FTSE 100 Index $FTSE. from 5 1 GBP/ Point 6 USD 2%
Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 Index $INDU. from 7 1 USD/ Point 6 USD 2%
Standard and Poor's 500 INDEX $SPX. from 7 1 USD/ Point 6 USD 2%
Energy CFDs
Light Sweet Crude Oil CL from 7 100 Barrels 6 USD 5%
Brent Crude Oil BR from 7 100 Barrels 6 USD 5%
*Available on MT4 Standard Accounts only.
Symbol Mini
EUR/USD from 1
GBP/USD from 1.5
USD/JPY from 1.5
USD/CHF from 1.5
AUD/USD from 2
USD/CAD from 1.5
NZD/USD from 2
EUR/GBP from 2
GBP/JPY from 3
EUR/JPY from 2
GBP/NZD from 3
GBP/AUD from 3
GBP/CAD from 3
GBP/CHF from 3
EUR/AUD from 2,5
EUR/CAD from 3
EUR/CHF from 2
EUR/NZD from 5
AUD/CAD from 2,5
AUD/CHF from 2,5
AUD/JPY from 2
AUD/NZD from 5
NZD/JPY from 2
CAD/JPY from 2,5
CHF/JPY from 2
EUR/NOK from 48
EUR/SEK from 48
CHF/NOK from 32
USD/NOK from 48
USD/SEK from 48
Gold from 90 cents
Silver from 12 cents
Symbol Standard
EUR/USD from 0.9
GBP/USD from 1.2
USD/JPY from 1.2
USD/CHF from 1.3
AUD/USD from 1.5
USD/CAD from 1.2
NZD/USD from 1.6
EUR/GBP from 1,6
GBP/JPY from 2,5
EUR/JPY from 1,8
GBP/NZD from 2,5
GBP/AUD from 2,5
GBP/CAD from 2,5
GBP/CHF from 2,5
EUR/AUD from 2
EUR/CAD from 2,5
EUR/CHF from 1,8
EUR/NZD from 4
AUD/CAD from 2
AUD/CHF from 2
AUD/JPY from 1,8
AUD/NZD from 4
NZD/JPY from 1,8
CAD/JPY from 2
CHF/JPY from 1,8
EUR/NOK from 48
EUR/SEK from 48
CHF/NOK from 32
USD/NOK from 48
USD/SEK from 48
Gold from 70 cents
Silver from 8 cents
Symbol Premium
EUR/USD from 0.6
GBP/USD from 1
USD/JPY from 1
USD/CHF from 1.1
AUD/USD from 1.3
USD/CAD from 1
NZD/USD from 1.4
EUR/GBP from 1,4
GBP/JPY from 2,2
EUR/JPY from 1,6
GBP/NZD from 2,2
GBP/AUD from 2,5
GBP/CAD from 2,2
GBP/CHF from 2,2
EUR/AUD from 1,8
EUR/CAD from 2
EUR/CHF from 1,6
EUR/NZD from 3,7
AUD/CAD from 1,7
AUD/CHF from 1,7
AUD/JPY from 1,6
AUD/NZD from 3,3
NZD/JPY from 1,5
CAD/JPY from 1,8
CHF/JPY from 1,5
EUR/NOK from 48
EUR/SEK from 48
CHF/NOK from 32
USD/NOK from 48
USD/SEK from 48
Gold from 50 cents
Silver from 6 cents
Symbol Standard ECN
EUR/USD from 0
GBP/USD from 0
USD/JPY from 0
USD/CHF from 0
AUD/USD from 0
USD/CAD from 0
NZD/USD from 0
EUR/GBP from 0
GBP/JPY from 0
EUR/JPY from 0
GBP/NZD from 0
GBP/AUD from 0
GBP/CAD from 0
GBP/CHF from 0
EUR/AUD from 0
EUR/CAD from 0
EUR/CHF from 0
EUR/NZD from 0
AUD/CAD from 0
AUD/CHF from 0
AUD/JPY from 0
AUD/NZD from 0
NZD/JPY from 0
CAD/JPY from 0
CHF/JPY from 0
USD/NOK from 0
USD/SEK from 0
Gold from 0
Silver from 0
  • All spreads offered by Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) are floating.
  • Spreads may vary during moments of high volatility or when the global financial markets are not active. When clients try opening trades during such moments in the market, specific spreads for that time will be shown.
  • Swap is calculated via the overnight interest rate differential between the two currencies pending on long/short open positions. Any position held open overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, Swap is charged at a triple rate. The latest Swap rates can be found on Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) MT4 Trading Platform (View > Market Watch > Context Menu: Symbols > Properties). Please note that calculations take place at 23:59 GMT will be shown on client account statements by the next trading day.
  • Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) follows best execution policies to ensure that our clients receive timely and accurate data and trade execution for all their orders with an average latency of 200ms. Orders are transmitted directly to the market, in a no-dealing room set up, which ensures low latency, competitive spreads while seeking to negate slippage.
  • The spread refers to the difference in price between buying and selling an asset at a specific time. Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) Ltd derives its spreads by adding a markup to the spreads it receives from liquidity providers. The below link indicates the minimum and average spread of various assets:

* Certain market conditions, outside the control of Maxigrid (previously AGM Markets) can lead to increased spread and slippage.
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